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Sara Lyn fell madly in love with Bellydance at the age of 17 (2005) when she saw beautiful women of all ages, shapes, and sizes, adorned from head to toe, move their bodies in ways that seemed impossible.

She credits her instructor and mentors, Samira ​Il’nia​, Rachel Brice & Zoe Jakes for laying a solid foundation of bellydance technique, musicality, and challenging her dancers to push themselves every single class with conditioning, strong practice habits, and camaraderie which Sara instills in her students today.


Sara’s classes have a mix of conditioning, strength and balance exercises, a strong focus on technique, topping it off with her slinky stylization. In her teachings she enjoys working with the muscles, paying close attention to the little details, isolations, and bringing awareness (and a challenge) to the body and mind, all while bringing layers of musicality into the mix.


Vimana Fusion Online  - Sara’s online studio ( and in class dance school is located in the heart of Sin City Las Vegas, NV, where she aspires to inspire her students to find their own voice in the language of dance.

Sara’s wanderlust has taken her all over the world, and in 2020 she began much anticipated tour schedule to teach nationally and internationally. With almost two decades of dedicated dance studies and training, Sara considers herself a “forever student” and hopes to cross dance paths with you!

Sara Lyn

 Fusion Bellydance
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